Umpire Educational Programs




Why Umpire USA Softball
USA Softball of Metro Detroit is the only organization that offers umpire mechanics training for both fast and slow pitch along with rule seminars. These programs have been conducted annually since 1976. USAMD has placed more than 130 local umpires in national USA Softball  tournaments since 1990. USAMD has 24 of these national tournament umpires qualify for the National Indicator Fraternity (umpires who have worked three national tournaments), 8 of these umpires have also qualified for the Elite Umpire Program, and 4 are certified by the International Softball Federation.

USA Softball of Metro Detroit Umpire Staff Profile
The USA Softball of Metro Detroit Umpire Staff has over one hundred and fifty years of officiating experience. They have received training from the USA Softball National Staff at twelve National Umpire Schools. Their thirty-five national tournaments include twenty slow pitch and fifteen fast pitch events. Twenty of those tournaments were at the highest levels of USA softball. They are all members of the National Indicator Fraternity and the Gold level of the USA Softball Medals Program. Four have earned Elite status: two in slow pitch and two in fast pitch softball. One is indorsed by the International Softball Federation to umpire international tournaments.
The USAMD umpire schools and seminars have a thirty year tradition of providing outstanding training to our umpires. The experience that our staff is willing to share, with those who are interested, is the major reason that this program has been so successful. Each USAMD umpire should take advantage of our umpire educational opportunities.

Medals Program
Umpires can be rewarded for registering and officiating USA softball without being assigned to regional or national championships. This rewards the local umpire who supports the USA Softball program, and can be relied upon for local assignments.
There are four levels for this program - the Blue level for those who have been registered for three (3) years, the Bronze level for those registered for seven (7) years, the Silver level for those registered for fifteen (15) years and the Gold level for those registered for twenty (20) years. Umpires can reach these levels quicker if they have umpired in national championships, or attended National Umpire Schools.

Annual Awards Breakfast
Annually, the umpire program recognizes their own with a breakfast for all Association heads and their honorees from the past season. Awards have been given to umpires for several different reasons. The goal of this program is to recognize the local umpire for their hard work, dedication and achievements in USA Softball.

The 2021 awards breakfast has been postponned.  Check back for details.